CROSSROADS BLOG TOUR DAY ONE! Featuring Jessica Byliss & Patrice Lyle!!

Welcome again to the Crossroads Blog Tour! this is my third year being involved with the tour and i couldn’t be happier about it! Each day, i’ll feature an author or two answering their “Tricky Two” Halloween questions, and YOU have a chance to win some awesome prizes! Today’s guests are Jessica Byliss and Patrice Lyle!


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Question #1: When I was a kid, I was terrified by horror movies but fascinated by them all the same. (I was obsessed with VHS box covers. And, now I just gave away my age.) What was your scariest horror movie as a kid?

“Poltergeist” came out when I was six. I was in bed while the grown-ups watched it, & just listening was enough to keep me up all night.

Question #2: Do you have any ghost stories passed down through your family? Or maybe one of your own …?

My grandma tells about a ghostly figure that rose from a lake in coal-country, PA when she was a kid. It scared the bejesus out of her.


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1. Name the book that gave you the creeps the most. 

“Kiss the Girls” by James Patterson. The psycho’s mask was super creepy!

2. Favourite Halloween memory?

Being Princess Leia the year Star Wars came out. I thought she was super cool!

The Case of the Washed Up Warlock Final (2)


Patrice Lyle has never met a ghost story she didn’t like. She’s been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood. She attributes this fascination to having heard old family stories of ghostly wreaths

,ESP, and money hidden in the lining of antique purses. She grew up on the Oregon Coast and has aMaster’s Degree in Writing Popular Fiction. Now she lives with her husband and three cats near Orlando, where she’s working on the next Poison Ivy novel and trolling the area for ghostly happenings.


Find Patrice at :


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