Jennzah is a 30-something girlie who loves books, music, cats, Funkos, and many other things. She lives with her husband and a quad of crazy but loveable cats somewhere in the Midwest United States, and before that came from the United Kingdom.

She currently is the co-blogger at THE BOOK NUT : A BOOK LOVERS GUIDE along with the awesome Erin. this is her personal blog.

You can most often find her within a the pages of a good book or wandering the shelves of a bookstore, contemplating world domination with her best friends, listening to her favourite band, Something for Kate, or lusting over a particular ginger Brit named Anthony (who also happens to be her husband).

for more information, visit her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

to see what sort of books she owns and/or reads : Goodreads + Librarything.

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